Friday, May 20, 2011

Yeah! Summer's here, now let the swelling begin

Sophomoric I know, but its just about head on, I hate this time of year.  Summer is when my already painful hand begins to swell up like a balloon and then causes me some of the most intense pain that it can possibly give me.  This will be the third summer I will have to endure with CRPS, and if you don't believe its that bad, have I got an example for you.

It feels like my hand is literally inflating, it gets more and more sore and then my fingers will eventually become so swollen that I will be unable to make a fist.  This will be followed by such distress that I will have to sequester myself to an air conditioned room, and pain medication.  The good news is that around October I will be able to come out of the room, even more overweight and grumpier than Punxsutawney Phil when they drag him out of that hole every year.