Friday, March 20, 2015

March 20th, 2015 - Friday

Its been quite some time since I have written anything, on any of my blogs but there is a great reason.  In October I went back to school to try to beat my CRPS into letting me become a human again.  The CRPS isn't amused and I have been in more pain than I could ever hope for.  I'm doing damn well for a 46 year old man in school but it bludgeons me, the CRPS does that is.  I hurt so bad during the days I have to prep for class and for a few days after the pain is still elevated.  I hate it.  Its been a long struggle, over seven years now but I simply won't lose to this stupid thing.

In any case my pain today is around a 9 1/2, with no relief in site.  I'll be walking tomorrow maybe that will help.

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