Sunday, October 19, 2014

October 19th, 2014 - Sunday

Quite the day today.  Despite the fact that the Bears lost and my son called incessantly about printing his homework (just four times in 10 minutes) and our dog paced over and over to the point of his exhaustion as he searched for my Mom's cat to play with, the day was marred with an event that happened the day before.

On Saturday, October 18th, 2014 our daughter had her Senior pictures taken and we had some family pictures taken at the same time.  As the session ended, I had a fall and I stuck my left hand out to break my fall, my bad arm.  I say that I "Humpty Dumpty'd" and that is a pretty safe analogy because I crumbled like an eggshell when I hit the ground.  My wrist is in so much stinking pain right now, I want to cry.  It's swollen, black and blue a little and it throbs like one of those cartoon thumbs that would swell up when it was hit with a hammer.  I have a horrific week ahead and the last thing I needed was this to happen.

Pain scale is damned close to a 10 and my night hasn't gained any relief from the stupid injury.  The EMT in me and my own ability to downgrade injuries of mine are at odds right now.  I need my pain meds, and sleep but my meds keep me awake so...  Sleep is but a mere dream which is ironic if you really think about it.  My neck still hurts, I have to be careful how I turn it and how fast I do so as well.

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